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As Coronavirus starts to have a significant impact and in direct response to our subscriber requests we have created an independent platform that will offer hourly updates on the Coronavirus and all relevant aspects about the virus .

Currently there are 85,516 of the virus globally and rising hourly with over 3000 recorded deaths .

In China there are 79,394 confirmed cases with 2.838 deaths, outside of China there are 7651 confirmed cases in 53 countries with 89 confirmed deaths.

The USA had its first death from the virus on Saturday and in the UK 35 new confirmed cases this Sunday with the Republic of Ireland first case confirmed on sunday.

While the WHO refused to call the Coronavirus a Pandemic our subscribers in Asia are working in a Pandemic environment with their efforts looking likely to halt the increase in new cases in China this week.

In response to requests from our subscribers in Asia ,USA , Great Britain and Europe we have created a platform on Facebook so that hourly uploads can take place and independent information on all aspects of the virus and its progress can be found.

Our page @coronavirustruth is now online and we would ask our subscribers to post information relating to their own locations so the we get a global understanding of how fast this virus is spreading and how best we might deal with it.