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Back 4 Good – Your future in Myanmar has received strong interest from Myanmar professionals overseas who are keen to take part in the expanding Myanmar economy and get involved in developing businesses in Myanmar or becoming part of an existing business through investment both financial and Technical .

Our Myanmar subscribers are keen to have a positive effect on their country and are motivated by a desire to contribute to job creation, economic growth and education and learning .

The interest from the Myanmar diaspora is such that Back 4 Good is looking at options around running a conference or expo in Jan 2020 .

as Back 4 Good – Your future in Myanmar evolves we will ensure that these new overseas entrepreneurs gain the support they need to make their contributions .

Myanmar’s Government needs to tap into the wealth of experience ,knowledge and talent of its diaspora and start a process of slowly moving towards indigenous industry rathe that a reliance on FDI .

Back 4 Good are on hand to offer a number of supports to diaspora entrepreneurs including,

. Networking

. Investment Advice

. Information on Venture Capital

. Joint Venture

. Partnerships

. Human Resources

. Logistics

. Training and Mentoring

and much more .

We are developing a number off pilot projects to assist Myanmar entrepreneurs and companies in Myanmar to connect with Myanmar’s citizens abroad for business related purposes .

We are also making proposal to Government to consider matching funding by state agencies for the investments made based on the sectors that Myanmar itself requires for its expansions .

If you are interested in getting involved or if you want to establish a new venture in Myanmar contact diasporainvest@back4good.ie today.