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Your future in Myitkyina

Myitkyina is the capital of Kachin State in Myanmarband is 920 miles from Yangon and around 785 from Mandalay.

In Burmese Myitkyina means “near big river” and the city is on the West Bank of the Ayeyarwady River it is the Northern most river port and railway terminus in Myanmar and the city is served by Myitkyina airport.

Myitkyina has been an important trading town between China and Myanmar since ancient times.

Myitkyina is the business centre of Kachin State and resources are Jade, Gold, Teak and forestry products with a lot of trading between Myanmar and China in these products the city has benefited significantly.

Myitkyina Airport is the main airport serving the city and it connects to the cities of Putao and Mandalay.

Myitkyina has a population of over 150,000 with a mixture of Kachin, Shan, Bamar peoples and some Chinese and Indians.

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