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Your future in Taunggyi

Taunggyi is the capital of Shan State Myanmar and lies within the Myelat region. Taunggyi has a estimated population of 400,000 making it the fifth largest city in Myanmar.

Taunggyi has a bustling market where you can find large numbers of Pa-O, instantly recognised by the colourful towels that the women wear in their heads.

Taunggyi is famous for the dazzling fire balloon festival that takes place in November and the thousands of pagodas that can be found nearby at Kakku are other reasons to live and work in Taunggyi.

Taunggyi is enjoying a boom like the rest of Myanmar which is the fastest growing economy in Asia and opportunities exist in all sectors.

Mobile Technology has helped to make communications much better and businesses are expanding at a rapid pace.

Vacancies currently available in Taunggyi include

  • Digital Marketng Managers
  • Engineers- Telecommunications
  • Engineers – Oil & Gas
  • Accountants
  • Hotel Manager
  • Graphic Designers
  • Senior Training Teacher
  • Lead Generation & Sales Support
  • Operations Officers
  • Credit Officers

and much more.

All major employers are looking for talent including KBZ Bank, Ooredoo, Unilever, Telenor and all NGOs are currently hiring.

If you want to live and work in Taunggyi or if you want to return to Taunggyi for good register today with Back 4 Good – Your future in Taunggyi and we will take it from there for you.

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