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Your future in China

Back 4 Good is rolling our across China with representatives in Shanghai, Beijing, Macau and Hong Kong.

As the world’s largest developing country China is facing an acute skills shortfall along with the challenges of an ageing population and a shrinking labor force.

Labour costs are rising, supply and demand is dangerously skewed and training is unable to fill the breach fast enough.

Whilst wages in general have risen steadily incomes for high-skill workers have grown much faster than the average.

In particular the Services industry is staggering as Chinese people now have huge aspirations for ”quality” lifestyle (travel, shopping and consumer services) the has resulted in the Services sector accounts for more than 50% of GDP.

However the size and scale of China’s labour market differs widely. Eastern China has substantial demand for highly skilled workers with demand for highly skilled workers not as high in Western China.

Demand for high skilled workers in the manufacturing, financial and Services sectors is strong in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen with Shanghai suffering an acute skills shortage in Financial Services in particular.

Endemic skills shortages are most acute in Internationalized management and strategic planning with key shortages in,

  • Financial Management Talent
  • Marketing Talent
  • Management Talent (all levels)
  • Internet Talent
  • Senior Technical workers
  • Technology Research Development Talent
  • Capital Operations Talent
  • Strategic design Talent
  • International Management Talent

Back 4 Good are working in a number of cities with our unique concept and if you are interested in living and working in China contact greg@back4good.ie today and we will take it from there for you.

If you are looking to find skilled workers for your firm or organisation we have a database of members who are keen to live and work in China, contact greg@back4good.ie for a conversation.