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Bangladesh will be the third fastest growing economy in the world in 2023 in terms of achieving high Gross Domestic Product according to the United Nations .

The report titled World Economic Situation and Prospects put Bangladesh only behind South Sudan and India .Bangladesh will expand at 7.4% this year ,while India at 7.6% and South Sudan to grow at a record 8%.

The UN report said that Bangladesh economy is also set to continue expanding at a fast pace in the near term , above 7% per year . amid strong investment ,vigorous private consumption and accommodate monetary policy .

The downside is that as the economy expands at a rapid pace the need for skilled workers rises and Bangladesh is discovering that like the rest of the world the battle for Talent is ongoing and tough.

Experts predict that Bangladesh will overtake India in software, finance ,online services and logistics with the need to find 1000s of skilled workers for these expanding sectors.

Back 4 Good – Your future in Bangladesh has worked in the country for a number of years in the provision of learning and development programmes through our sister platform www.irrawaddycollege.com and our partners in Bangladesh are actively working on talent sourcing for the new opportunities that are happening as a direct result of the county’s staggering economic growth .

Bangladesh is concerned that labour and skills shortages will risk expansion plans and investment in the country and is looking at innovative and fresh solutions to address this shortage including Back 4 Good with our unique model that will target skilled professionals to come and live and work in Bangladesh.

If you wish to live and work in Bangladesh and take up some excellent opportunities in the 3rd fastest growing economy in the world register your interest by sending your details to info@back4good.asia and we will take it form there for you.

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