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Back 4 Good – Your future in China has worked on many assignments throughout China and as we now expand with the creation of www.back4good.asia we plan to increase our presence on the ground to actively work on bring talent into China from overseas and from the Chinese diaspora .

China is facing an acute skills shortage as a result of an ageing population and a shrinking labour force .Labour costs are rising and the education sector is unable to meet the demand for skilled workers .

As China moves towards a services and knowledge economy it is constrained by the ability of it’s workforce to gain the required skills to make that transition to a high-income economy .

With over 97% of China’s employers stating that they are struggling to find skilled workers and with major Chinese firms attempting to expand into areas such as Big Data,AI, Speech Recognition and natural language processing the lack of talent is a significant cause of concern.

As Chinas workforce continues to shrink China is looking to source talent from overseas and in particular it is looking at attracting expatriates to return to China to live and work.

It also has targeted overseas professionals and as salaries rise to meet the demand China is becoming an option for mobile professionals.

Back 4 Good – Your future in China is on hand to offer independent advice on all aspects of living and working in China .

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