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Back 4 Good – Your future in Asia has begun our introduction to Asia and it attempting to address the skills shortages that exist across the region.

The economic outlook for the Asia- Pacific region remains very strong with growth levels of over 6% in 2022 .

However Asia is ageing fast and the speed of the ageing is remarkable compared to the historical experience in Europe and the United States.

In several Asian countries immigration – if past trends continue -could play an important role in softening the impact of ageing or prolong the demographic dividend.

There is now a severe shortage of skilled workers in Asia with many countries and employers finding themselves struggling to find talent.

Back 4 Good – Your future in Asia has worked with a number of key countries in Asia in establishing a base to roll out our unique concept and we have affiliates in

. China
. japan
. Phillippines
. Indonesia
. Myanmar
. Vietnam
. Malaysia

Building on from our early success we intend to rollout our concept over the next number of months and launch our full platform in each country during this period.

If you wish to return home to your country in Asia or if you wish to find top talent today contact Back 4 Good – Your future in Asia and we will take it from there for you.