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Back 4 Good , as part of our global strategy have put inplace an experienced top talent team working in key locations across the globe .

Our team have sourced top talent from all major cities and in all occupations and sectors for over 25 years and do so based on Back 4 Good unique approach to talent sourcing .

We have a strong database of skilled professionals from over 135 cities in our network and are focused on meeting skills demands in bulk or for single assignments .

The development of our Global Talent Team ensures that Back 4 Good will be one of the leading Talent Management Agencies with offices and affiliates in the USA, Australia , Asia , Canada Hong Kong, The UK , The Netherlands and Ireland .

Back 4 Good has seen significant expansion in just 2 years with the creation of 5 new Lifestyle and Talent Platforms ,






These platforms are now supported with Talent specialists in each location who are attracting professionals who are keen to work or relocate to new fresh locations and opportunities .

We tap into undiscovered and fresh Talent pools with this online and direct talent strategy and can find large numbers of skilled professionals for bulk assignments if required.

Reach out to the new and fresh approach to talent sourcing today globaltalent@back4good.org and we will take your hiring brief straight away .

Check out back4good.asia/globaltalentteam today to meet our team.