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Your future in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a city on Israel’s mediterranean coast. It is the financial centre and technology hub of Israel with a population of over 500,000 making it the second largest city in Israel.

As the number of high tech companies grows and with major multinationals entering the city the battle is on for skilled workers to meet the demand created in the city.

Tel Aviv often called the start-up city has experienced skills shortages in nearly all sectors with Engineers and Computer Programmers in significant demand.

Interestingly nearly 60% of all hires in the Tech sector in Tel Aviv are based out of Israel with strong numbers based in Ukraine, Norway and Canada just three years ago all of the sectors engineers and developers were based in Isreal.

The shortage of workers in the high Tech sector is a major threat to the nation’s high tech industry, which is a key driver fueling Israel’s economy.

The number of active high tech companies operating in Isreal has jumped form 3,781 in 2006 to 7,400 in mid 2016 in addition companies from Google to Apple, Deutsche Telecom and Bosch have all set up research and development centres in Israel with 278 multinational companies operating a total of 327 R & D centres around the country.

The Government are now offering work visas to allow foreign engineers to work in Israel and they are actively looking at creative solutions on the up skilling side.

All of these factors have resulted in a rise in wages and salaries with benefits packages expanding outside of the standard.

It has never being a better time to return home to Tel Aviv to live and work in the city and if you are an overseas professionals this is the time to consider Tel Aviv.

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